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If you know of any security-related news to post here, please forward the information to Secretary, Brad Norris for further research.

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Included in this month's update:

April 2013
[no link]

LD265 - Bill to Repeal the Restriction on Employers Regarding Firearms Kept in an Employee's Vehicle

LD265 aims to repeal the existing law which indicates "An employer or an agent of an employer may not prohibit an employee who has a valid permit to carry a concealed firearm under Title 25, chapter 252 from keeping a firearm in the employee's vehicle as long as the vehicle is locked and the firearm is not visible. This subsection does not authorize an employee to carry a firearm in a place where carrying a firearm is prohibited by law." (State legislation)

(04/09/13) Higgins, A.J. Article: "Maine Lawmakers Mull Plan to Repeal Workplace Gun Law"

"A legislative policy committee is considering a bill that would repeal a law enacted two years ago that permits certain employees to bring their guns to work..." [read on]

For more details, visit the following links:

Please note: "While the Association has not taken an official position on this, some members have expressed their opinions on the bill."

February 2013
[no link]

Bill to Increase Felony Theft Threshold in Maine to $5,000 Upsets Retailers
Bangor Daily News (ME) (02/26/13) Richardson, Whit

A Maine legislator recently introduced a bill that would raise the felony theft threshold from $1,000 to $5,000, a move that retailers say could increase retail theft and hurt their bottom lines. [read on] (State legislation)

With 1,780 bills introduced to the Legislature, there will be many more that affect our industry. Here are two: one dealing with internet security and the other affecting volunteer first responders...[read on] (State legislation)

THE FOLLOWING EXCERPTS WERE CUT AND PASTED FROM MAINE STATE CHAMBER OF COMMERCE "IMPACT" NEWSLETTER (2/14/13): BILLS INTRODUCED: BUSINESS REGULATION LD 265, An Act To Repeal the Restriction on Employers Regarding Firearms Kept in an Employee's Vehicle. (Sen. Gerzofsky, DCumberland) Joint Standing Committee on Criminal Justice and Public Safety. This bill repeals the law that prohibits an employer from prohibiting an employee who holds a permit to carry a concealed firearm from keeping a firearm in the employee's locked vehicle... [read on]
(State legislation)

A new law (formerly H.B. 803) recently enacted in Maine will prohibit the state from using biometric technologies in drivers' licenses or other state-issued ID cards. Under the law, biometric techniologies include retinal scanning, facial recognition and fingerprinting. See ME HB 803.pdf (State legislation)

June 2011
[no link]

LD 35, An Act Relating to Concealed Firearms in Locked Vehicles, passed both houses of the state legislature and was signed into law by the governor on June 21.  The bill will allow an employee with a valid carry permit to bring their handgun to the workplace and keep it locked in their vehicle, regardless of any no weapons policies the employer may have at their place of business.  Although the bill was strongly opposed by most major business and commerce groups in the state it won by a narrow margin, was scrutinized by the governor and becomes law 90 days after the legislature adjourned.  Opposing groups claimed that it increased their security risks and although the law has a provision releasing liability of employers, if an injury or death from a handgun occurred on their property they feel the employer would still be faced with defending a difficult law suit.  The state legislature is now adjourned. (State legislation)

May 2011

State Legislation to remove restrictions on storing guns in employees' locked vehicles while on the premises of private businesses, regardless of the company's policies, has passed committee approval and will soon be up for legislative vote. For more information, visit The Maine State Chamber of Commerce IMPACT publication. (State legislation)

April 2011

  • City of Portland, Maine, New security license structure & cost (Local law)

  • State legislation introduced to remove several restrictions to carrying weapons (State legislation)


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